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Mr. Li Zhenhua's Lectures of Chinese Tang Poems and Song Poetry were held successfully
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On Nov17st 2017, Mr.Li Zhenhua's two lectures of Chinese Tang poems and Song Poetry were held at Qingzhou Experimental High School. Mr.Li Zhenhua is the author of the book  "the Birthplace of Tang Poems" and "the Birthplace of Song Poetry".


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Picture1 the lecture of tang poems and song poetry


In the early morning, the first lecture's students came into the campus auditorium in order. The campus auditorium is a big place which can accommodate about 1,000 people, the first lecture begun at 8.10am. Firstly, the host introduced Mr.Li Zhenhua to all students. Then, Mr.Li Zhenhua took the stage with the applause from students.


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Picture2 Students came into the campus auditorium


At the begining of the lecture, Mr.Li Zhenhua talked the whole processes of writitting the book of "the Birthplace of Tang Poems" and "the Birthplace of Song Poetry".  Mr.Li Zhenhua spent almost 1 year to travel 19 provinces of China, the whole journey was more than 30,000 kilometers to find the birthplaces of 100 Tang poems and 100 Song Poetry. He reinvistigated those birthplaces' history、economy and culture.


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Picture3 Mr.Li Zhenhua was talking his feelings of visiting the birthplaces to students


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Picture4 the Poet Li Qingzhao's former residence at Qingzhou


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Picture5 Mr.Li Zhenhua visited Mountain Lu


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Picture6 Mr.Li Zhenhua visited Datang West City


Mr.Li Zhenhua shot many photos, and visted local scholars and collected ancient and modern literatures when he arrived each place during the journey. Sometimes there had many dangerous things happend like going with bad weather or climbling sharp mountains. Students concentrated on the lecture with warm applause.


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Picture7 the warm applause from students during the lecture


In that day morning, two lectures were showed to more than 2400 students during three and half hours. Students learned a lot of knowledge about Chinese Tang poems and Song Poetry. Through listening these poems and poetry, students can learn more the background of ancient China. At the end of lecture, many students came to stage to take photos with Mr.Li Zhenhua.


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Picture8 Many students took photos with Mr.Li Zhenhua


Finally, the schoolmaster of Qingzhou Experimental High School Mrs.Yin Hongmei gave the positive comments of lectures what can educate students from the aspect of pedadogical meaning.  Mr.Li Zhenhua's lectures of Chinese Tang poems and Song poetry successfully ended at 11.30am.


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Picture9 the schoolmaster Mrs.Yin Hongmei gave the positive comments 



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