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the Overview of Book Copyright Export of Shandong Pictorial Publishing House
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    In recent years, Shandong Pictorial Publishing House has the principle of “expanding the original books, introducing foreign books carefully”, and concentrates on the aspects of planning and development of original books. Through our unremitting efforts, Shandong Pictorial Publishing House has made some achievements in the aspect of copyright export.

    Shandong Pictorial Publishing House had successfully exported the book of “the Ancient Taste: the history and culture of Chinese diet” to Japanese Corporation Bookstore in December 2006, next year in March,  Japanese edition of this book was published formally.

    In November 2007, “Anecdotes of Chinese History(Volume 1 &2)”、”China Geographical Discovery” and “World Geographical Discovery” that had been exported to South Korea were included in the list of “China Book Outreach Program”, and had been funded by Chinese government.

    In August 2008, the book of "China Geographical Discovery" (Korean edition) had been rated as “the great exporting book award” in 2007 by China Association Working Committee for International Cooperation Publishing、China Publishing Science Research Institute, etc.

    In 2013, Shandong Pictorial Publishing House had a business communication with Korean Geulhangari Publishers, and successfully signed the Korean copyright output protocol of "Eastern Imperial Capital: the Image of Beijing in Western Culture". This project had made new progress in the aspects of "going global" for Shandong Pictorial Publishing House.

    In August 2016, Shandong Pictorial Publishing House had a copyright signing ceremony of the books "Collection of Architectural Stones of Shandong" and "Chinese Civil Unique Copy of Succinct New Year's Pictures" with Hungarian European Ark Culture Exchange and Publishing Company and Hungarian Wicker Group. At the ceremony, it also signed a protocol for future cooperation about publishing Chinese or Hungarian culture items. Through this strategic partnership, on one side, outstanding Chinese culture could be spread to abroad, enhancing the influence of Chinese culture in the world. On the other side, Chinese people could know more about excellent Hungarian culture, improving the cultural communication between China and Hungary. It was a very significant step for Shandong Pictorial Publishing House to carry out "going global" project in this cooperation. Based on this cooperative learning, Shandong Pictorial Publishing House is trying to explore more diversified ways for cooperation. Later, "Chinese and Hungarian Pictorial Compilation of 'Journey to the West'" will be planned and published with using these two languages, and will also be issued in both China and Hungary.


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