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Brief Introduction
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Profile of Shandong Pictorial Publishing

House, Co., Ltd

    Since its establishment, Shandong Pictorial Publishing House has been adhering to the concept of “inherit human civilization and nurture readers’ human emotions” and committed to publishing books on humanities and social sciences. It has formed a distinctive feature of publishing illustrated and high quality books for publish reading. The Old Photos Series published in 1996, in particular, gained a high reputation among domestic publishing circle and readers. This not only found a new way for using old historical photos as a cultural resource, but also created a brand new pattern for publishing books. It was known to be taking a leading role in China’s “picture reading” era for it realized the perfect combination of “words and pictures”. The publishing of the Old Photos Series was awarded as one among “the fifty biggest events in promoting China’s publishing over the past 50 years”.

    We have been committed to working on book copyright trade and obtained some progress. Such imported books as General History of the Olympics, Cities----from Ancient Greece to Modern Times, American History, The Cambridge Illustrated History of Roman World, Think as an Architect, A History of World Arts and Humanities, and Chinese Calligraphers were awarded National Excellent Book Award of imported editions. Since 2005, we have exported over 30 books including Chinese Geography Discoveries, World Geography Discoveries and Takeku Yumeji: Paintings and Poems to Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Among them, Chinese Geography Discoveries, World Geography Discoveries were awarded the seventh National Excellent Book, exported editions.


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