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Vanished Words of China

Author:Zhou Xiaolu
Published Date:2014.3
Pages : 608

Title:Vanished Words of China

Author:Zhou Xiaolu

Publishing House: Shandong Pictorial Publishing House

Publishing Date: 2014.3

Price: 30.00

ISBN 978-7-5474-0960-2



Content in Briefs:

The book introduces those characters of China with the exception of Chinese characters during thousands of years. Compared with the time of appearance of Chinese characters, they appear in the early time or in the same time or in the late time. And the book tells and analyzes the historical process of its production, development and disappearance in research methods such as linguistics and historiography etc. The writer describes vitality of the past and subsequent wane and today's vanishing such as Tocharian language once used by beauties of the ancient Loulan castle, Turkic language used widely in desert and Jurchen script popular in the Yellow River area and so on. However, the historical fact is vanishing of these words and civilization. In a word, the book is a high-quality writing of academic research and popular reading.


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