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Book of Flower Arrangement • Hamanaka

Author:You Jiguizhou
Published Date:2013.10
Pages : 280

Title: Book of Flower Arrangement • Hamanaka

Authors: You Jiguizhou

Publishing House: Shandong Pictorial Publishing House

Publishing Date: 2013.10

Price: 88.00


Pages: 280

Size: sixteen mo

Content in Briefs:

   The book is an introductory book of flower arrangement popular in Japan in the twentieth century. It is the introductory text devoted to imparting flower arrangement skills and basic concepts of moribana and literati flowers (also called input flowers) to unprofessed people. The writer tries best to make readers easy to understand the contents by using simple but grateful language, concentrating on the main points and adding some diagrams to interpret the texts directly and so on. The book pays particular focuses on practicability. There are many examples, including 400 kinds of the selection of the Hamanaka, the harmony of flower arrangement with paintings and room environment and so on.



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