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Lipstick economics

Author:Qian Taiyang
Published Date:2013.07
Pages : 160

Title: Lipstick economics

Author:Qian Taiyang

Publishing House: Shandong Pictorial Publishing House

Publishing Date: 2013.07

Price: 25.00



Size: thirty-two mo

Content in Briefs:

   There are many confusing economic laws and effects. For example, "the lipstick effect"-the sales of lipstick will increase when the economy is stagnant; "the miniskirt effect"--miniskirts are very fashionable; "the skyscraper effect"--when skyscrapers rise straight from the ground, it forecasts that the economy will be decline; "20-80 rule"--80% sales volume is created by 20% goods. How to understand these laws and effects? Economy is closely related to everyone's life. Therefore, this book attempts to start with common things around people and use popular language and vivid examples to explain these confusions to help you gain an insight into the essence behind the economic phenomena and grasp the opportunities and risks that are brought from economic changes.




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