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To be a father like Liang Qichao

Author:Yu Zuhua
Published Date:2013.07
Pages : 224

Title: To be a father like Liang Qichao 

Author:Yu Zuhua

Publishing House: Shandong Pictorial Publishing House

Publishing Date: 2013.07

Price: 30.00

ISBN: 978-7-5474-0951-0


Size: thirty-two mo

Content in Briefs:

Although Liang Qichao  has passed away for almost a century, his experience and methods of educating his children still provide a very precious reference value for fathers in modern society: his educational view, including moral education, intellectual education and emotional education, educatinal idea featuring individuality and doctrine of taste, and educatinal methods to experence and enjoy the process and suffering that he advocate and practise are considered as a "good medicine" to cure chinese parents' anxiety of havig great ambitions for their children in modern society. This book provides modern cases for family education with reference to Liang Qichao 's family education style, which have a strong guiding significance for our proper family education nowadays.


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