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To be a Mother like Ni Guizhen

Author:Yang Jing
Published Date:2013.07
Pages : 280

Title: To be a Mother like Ni Guizhen

Author:Yang Jing

Publishing House: Shandong Pictorial Publishing House

Publishing Date: 2013.07

Price: 35.00

ISBN: 978-7-5474-0948-0


Size: thirty-two mo

Content in Briefs:

It might be that you are not acquainted with Ni Guizhen, but I think all Chinese knows her husband and children. She is the wife of Song Jiashu, a national revolution poineer, and she is the mother of Song Ailing, Song Qingling, Song Ziwen,Song Meiling, Song Ziliang, Song Zian. She makes an amazing legend as a mother because she breeds two daughters who become the wife of the leader of a nation and four sons who affect the Chinese politics. The book will make a detailed explanation of the parenting experiences of Ni Guizhen from the aspects of studying, marriage, career, affection, talents and grooming of her children.  On the basic of narrating stories, the writer adds some thoughts acquired in the process of educating his children in the summary of every chapter in order to state explicitly scientificeducation wisdom and the correct way to be a qualified mother. The book is vivid and full of warmth. 



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