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Series of Chinese Classics•the Diamond Sutra, The Sutra

Author:Xu Heng
Published Date:2013.5
Pages : 120

Title: Series of Chinese Classics·the Diamond Sutra, The Sutra

Author:Xu Heng

Publishing House: Shandong Pictorial Publishing House

Publishing Date: 2013.5

Price: 21.00

ISBN 978-7-5474-0582-6



Content in Briefs:

The Diamond Sutra selects the widespread edition of Kumārajīva (Jiu Moluoshi, a buddish in Later Qin dynasty) as the original text. There are totally 5119 words in number.  The Sutra selects the edition made by Mahāyānadeva (Xuan Zang, a master) in 649 as the original text. There are totally 266 words in the book. All in all, the book adopts the forms of explanation, interpretation, explanation,and it is rigorous and correct in textual researches, proper in explanation and easy to understand.



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