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Full Figure of Lisao

Author:Wang Chenglue
Published Date:2016.1
Pages : 444

Title: Full Figure of Lisao

Author:Wang Chenglue

Publishing House: Shandong Pictorial Publishing House

Publishing Date: 2016.1                      


ISBN 978-7-5474-1532-1



Content in Briefs:

In ancient China, “poem” and “Sao” (a poem by poet and statesman Qu Yuan in the 4th century B.C.) are frequently talked about together. “Sao” refers to Li Sao, and it intensively refers to the Songs of Chu represented by the creations of Qu Yuan and Song Yu. Since the Song Dynasty, more and more people drew pictures related to Qu Yuan and his works. Li Sao Picture created in the Ming and Qing Dynasties by Xiao Yuncong and the Full Picture of Li Sao by Men Yingzhao through coping and additional drawing in the Qian Long period of Qing Dynasty are taken seriously due to extensive scope of selecting materials, unique pictures making, abundant information contents, and the dual value of text research and arts appreciation.

The Full Picture of Li Sao collated and interpreted by Wang Chenglue has the academic value and the literature value.


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